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What Is New In TestMaker 6

TestMaker 6 is PushToTest's single largest product investment to date. TestMaker 6 is a major feature enhancement release. TestMaker 6 delivers new features and internal architectural refactoring. PushToTest improved TestMaker in 3 important areas: Designer tool for record/playback of Rich Internet Applications (RIA, using Ajax, Flex, Flash,) Advanced Test Runtime for fast test operation and new test types, and an Advanced Results Analysis Engine.

Key Benefits

TestMaker 6 delivers the following benefits:

  • Point-and-Click Functional Test Record/Playback Tool Built-in for Ajax, Flex, and Flash applications
  • Record tests in Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera
  • Drag-and-Drop Data Driven Testing
  • Sahi test technology for Rich Internet Application (RIA) compatibility
  • Roll-up of hundreds of bug fixes and feature improvements
  • Central repository for test results and test artifacts
  • Thousands of root cause analysis charts and reports with a new Business Intelligence (BI) results analysis engine
  • Updated TestMaker Editor for entirely point-and-click test configuration and operation

TestMaker 6 is backwardly compatible with TestMaker 5. PushToTest built TestMaker 6 for a future of Tablets (iPads and Adroid,) Mobile applications, and RIA tests.

Download TestMaker and Run Selenium Tests

Designer for Ajax, Flex, Flash Record/Playaback

TestMaker 6 simplifies test creation and maintenance. TestMaker comes with everything you need to build tests, operate tests, and present the results graphically and with minimal training:

  • Functional Test Record/Playback Tool
  • The Open Source Alternative to HP QuickTest Pro (QTP)
  • The Alternative To Selenium IDE for Selenium test development
  • Record tests in Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera
  • Record and playback functional tests of Flash and Flex (SWF) applications
  • Data-enable tests using simple drag-and-drop features
  • Add assertions and check-points to tests visually
  • If-then, looping, and conditional test execution without scripting
  • Object Repository for sharing Web page objects between team members
  • Instant and context senstivie help and reference documentation
  • Support for Ajax and Javascript asynchronous events without additional test scripting
  • Selenium, Sahi, and Flex test type support in one tool. Outputs to Selenium unit tests, Selenium IDE Selenese table format, Sahi, and Flex test formats.

Advanced Test Runtime for Fast Test Operation and New Test Types

PushToTest redesigned the Test Runtime Engine to offer these features:

  • The new Test Runtime Engine is a kernel. It is able to handle memory allocation, restarting from failed test operations, and more efficient control over hung tests.
  • Faster test execution. Test initialization and ramp-down time is 40% faster.
  • New Types of Tests
  • Load tests with individual test times per virtual user level
  • MultiTest is a load test that runs multiple virtual user levels in a single test. Excellent for scalability and stress testing.
  • Template, controller, and execution objects to enable anyone to add new test types at the TestScenario level without having to write or change code in the Test Runtime Engine.
  • New TestScript Runners
  • Sahi ScriptRunner - Sahi is the best test automation technology available for testing Rich Internet Applications (RIA, using Ajax, JavaScript, HTML 5)
  • HAR ScriptRunner - Rapid and easy Web page optimization with HTTP Archive (HAR) technology
  • Designer Script ScriptRunner - Runs Designer Script tests in a variety of browsers, including Htmlunit
  • Graphical TestMaker Editor improved to support the new Test Runtime Engine. Everything is point-and-click.
  • Extensible internal structure
  • Easy to build new ScriptRunners through the new Execution Object Provider (EOP) factory. Dramatically reduces time to add new ScriptRunners. For example, PushToTest wrote the HAR ScriptRunner in less than 5 days.
  • New and upgraded ScriptRunner capability delivered to network of TestNodes using the new Bundles capability. Bundles are packages of software objects (for example, a new version of Selenium or HtmlUnit) chosen from a central consoleto operate in the TestNodes.

Advanced Results Analysis Engine

TestMaker comes with everything you need to build tests, operate tests, and present the results graphically and with minimal training:

  • Produces thousands of charts and reports showing root cause to performance bottlenecks and mitigation
  • TestMaker Results Analysis Engine produces reports from previous test runs
  • TestMaker records every transaction, step, and monitored resource timing value to a Results Database and Repository. Compatible with MySQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, and MS SQL Server
  • PushToTest offers Jasper Business Intelligence Suite as a TestMaker Enterprise option for the following features:
  • 10,000 charts from the test results
  • Report GUI Designer
  • Flash charts, maps, and widgets
  • Pivot tables, cubes, and dashboards

Download TestMaker and Run Selenium Tests


TestMaker comes with everything you need to build tests, operate tests, and present the results.

TestMaker console   

TestMaker Editor showing open TestScenario and Use Case tab

TestMaker Designer recording a data-driven test

TestMaker Designer

  Functional test controller panel


Load test controller panel

Business service monitor controller panel

Download TestMaker and Run Selenium Tests
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