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"You know the PushToTest site - with its hundreds of articles on testing - does not actually say anything about Website performance testing," a friend told me a few days ago. A quick check of the site showed that he is correct! :-)

PushToTest TestMaker is the leading open source solution to load test your Web site, social mobile integrated marketing, and Web applications. PushToTest offers load testing and reporting as a performance testing tool to e-commerce and business-to-business (B2B) sites all over the world.

PushToTest TestMaker for Website Load Testing, the standard at:
Best Buy manages large scale Agile tests with PushToTest TestMaker Deloitte monitors inter-office connectivity using PushToTest TestMaker PepsiCo tests with integrated marketing campaign Websites with PushToTest TestMaker

We get the following 3 questions most:

How Many Users Can Your Website Handle?

Scalability Index shows how close the application is to linear scalability

Advanced load testing technology combines with performance monitoring in PushToTest TestMaker to forecast your server CPU, network, and memory needs. TestMaker shows you how many users your Web site can handle before it slows and fails. TestMaker repurposes the same test to show how your Website will act as it fails. TestMaker's Linear Scalability Index chart is the fastest and easiest measurement of your Website's ability to serve 100 users to 5 million users.

No Scripting Languages To Learn

TestMaker Object Designer for script-less record/playback

Cut your load testing time in half with TestMaker Object Designer - the most advanced and easy-to-use test authoring tool. Designer watches a tester operate a Website in Internet Explorer (IE,) Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera. Designer automatically handles the Ajax, Flex, Flash, Applets, and Oracle Forms in your Web pages. Designer creates reusable test objects that are perfect for functional testing, load and performance testing, and production monitoring. Designer's easy record and configuration process removes the need for complicated "expert" modes and hand-coding as there are no scripting languages to learn.

Manage Thousands of Agile Stories and Tests Effectively

Manage thousands of tests with TestMaker and Rally

TestMaker Enterprise integrates with Rally Test Management to make it easy to scale from a dozen tests to thousands. Connect test scripts to Agile stories to immediate learn what tests have run (pass and fail,) which tests ran with slower than acceptable performance, and how the performance changes from sprint to sprint. TestMaker orchestrates test suites from soapUI, Selenium, WebDriver, Sahi, jUnit, and TestNG.

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Since 2001, PushToTest helps PepsiCo, Best Buy, Deloitte and the world’s most well-known brands bullet-proof their Websites and social mobile Web applications against large volumes of traffic. Using our software and global services, PushToTest helps optimize your site for any amount of visitors. How can we help you grow?