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TestMaker 6 Surfaces Performance Bottlenecks and Functional Issues

Build and Test Ajax, Web, SOA, BPM Applications in a Grid Or Cloud Today

Imagine one open source test tool that repurposes a single test script to be a functional test (smoke tests, regression tests,) load and performance test (scalability tests, stress tests,) and production monitors. That test script is a Selenium test, Sahi test, soapUI test suite, and unit test written in Java, Ruby, Python, and PHP. This is TestMaker 6.

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CIOs, CTOs and Business Managers engage PushToTest because we puts the power of Open Source to work for your business. How?

  • PushToTest provides a commercial license to the PushToTest TestMaker environment that is a fraction what what you will pay for HP/Mercury Interactive products. PushToTest, established in 2001, provides professional support, service, training, and global services to make you successful with TestMaker solutions.
  • Leveraging the power of our open-source community means you have 350,000 software engineers at work keeping TestMaker bug-free and relevant to your needs. PushToTest TestMaker provides more protocol handlers, more record/playback options, more support for SOA, Web service, Ajax, and Web 2.0 applications, and faster response from the engineers that actually code TestMaker than any other test automation environment.
  • Tired of paying expensive and inflexible test automation subscription fees based on per concurrent users per day? PushToTest has many pricing options available to meet your budget. Request a proposal here

"Much easier to get started"

Point PushToTest TestMaker at your production network and immediatly get up-and-testing.
  • Unique Data Production Technology - Many IT organizations cannot  predict or identify the percentage mix of business flows in operation at any given time. PushToTest solutions identifies valid customer data and valid service responses for each user. PushToTest TestMaker then provides data recorded during the packet sniffs to running test agents using Data Production Library (DPL) technology.

  • PushToTest Global Services - Use our expert test professionals to create and operate your test.

  • PushToTest technology is immediately familiar to your engineers and testers. PushToTest TestMaker turns their existing unit tests into functional tests in a test automation platform that runs on their development machine.

"We Grew Revenue Using PushToTest"

Your team will sell more products, make more customers happy and satisfied, and get to market quicker when your information systems operate a peak performance reliably. PushToTest grows your revenue by identifying user behaviors on your systems and optimizing those systems for top user experiences. PushToTest applies its unique correlation technology to observe and test your production environment and correlate the test to the impact of users on your backend systems. Correlations deliver knowledge to you to improve customer experiences and grow your revenue.

"Our IT Risks Went Down As We Built Our Tests Once and Reused Them"

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