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TestMaker Object Designer vs HP QTP

TestMaker Object Designer vs. HP QuickTest Professional (QTP)

Last week PushToTest completed a Proof Of Concept (POC) project for a medium-size IT organization. The experience showed us the strengths and weaknesses of the TestMaker Object Designer when evaluated by a bunch of QA testers brought up on HP's QuickTest Professional (HP QTP.) Open Source Testing (OST) is a much better solution:
  1. While QTP did a good job at getting testers productive, it has not done the QA tester community any favors. QTP has not kept up with the innovative ways software developers and IT Ops managers build and operate Rich Internet Applications (RIA, using Ajax, Flex, Flash, Applets, Silverlight, Oracle Forms.) QTP does not recognize the thousands of new Web objects in Ajax applications using GWT, JQuery, Yui, and Extjs.

  2. QTP is too expensive for Agile where testers team with developers.

  3. Only PushToTest TestMaker offers repurposing capability where a single test script runs as a functional test, load and performance test, and production service monitor. QTP scripts are incompatible with Load Runner.
Still, QTP is a familiar face. The testers we worked with had a lonesome, longing face when they considered moving from QTP to PushToTest TestMaker. The testers talk about QTP like it is some old college friend who got them into a fraternity. To those that resist change, we put together a screencast showing how to make the transition easy and what to expect.

Watch A Screencast on TestMaker Object Designer

-Frank Cohen, PushToTest