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PushToTest TestMaker 6 User Guide

Welcome to PushToTest TestMaker. This User Guide documents the features, tools, and techniques for TestMaker. See the QuickStart.html document in the TestMaker directory for last minute changes to this documentation, and for a list of changes for each release of TestMaker. We hope the experience is rewarding.

What Is New In TestMaker 6

Contents Description
Introduction Explains the architecture and purposes for TestMaker
Installation and Integration Operating system support, Java Virtual Machine support, Continuous Integration (CI) environment support, post-installation instructions
Continuous Integration Guide
How to configure Bamboo, Hudson, and TestMaker
Tutorials Step-by-step how-to instructions to build tests of Ajax applications, SOAP and REST based Web services, Java-based unit tests, and Flex/Flash applications
PushToTest Test Methodology Identifying the operating parameters and goals for a load test, functional test, and production monitor
Calibration Testing Methodology Rapidly determine the scale of a performance test. Answers the question, "How much hardware do I need to run a test?"
Editor User Guide Orchestrating tests using the TestMaker TestScenario Editor. Set the test type, use case, monitoring, TestNode locations, options, and notifications.
Designer User Guide
Designer is a utility that makes it easy to record and playback test objects of Rich Internet Applications (RIA, using Ajax, Flex, Flash)
Results Analysis and Reports Transforms logged test transaction data into charts and actionable knowledge reports
Monitoring with Glassbox Root cause analysis and mitigation of performance bottlenecks and functional issues
Test Deployment Deploy tests to run in Cloud Testing and Grid Testing environments
Data Driven Testing Injecting operational test data from Comma Separated Value (CSV,) Relational Database (RDBMS,) encrypted data files, and flat data files into tests at test runtime. Use TestMaker's Data Production Library (DPL) system
Selenium Testing Testing Web 1.0 and Rich Internet Applications (RIA, using Ajax) in the Selenese testing language. Includes cross-browser compatibility testing and load testing with Htmlunit
Flex and Flash Testing
Use the TestMaker Object Designer (TOD) to create functional testing scripts for Flex applications
Script-Driven Testing There are times when tests need to use conditional execution, looping, branching and complex operational test data sets. These are occassions to move from record/playback to script-driven testing. See examples in Java, Jython, Ruby, Visual Basic (VB,) and Perl
Jython Scripting Reference Reference chapter on the Jython. Jython is a 100% Java implementation of the Python language
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Questions about TestMaker
Support, Knowledge, Help, Source A listing of resources to help you make the most of your test project
Licenses Copy of the TestMaker commercial and open source (GPL v2) licenses
Improving PushToTest TestMaker Instructions to use, improve, and change the TestMaker source code


PushToTest TestMaker comes from the contributions of dozens of engineers in the TestMaker open-source community and years of effort by Jonathan Knudsen, Nikhil Fernandes, E. Venkatesan, V. Narayan Raman, William Martinez Pomares, Luis Carlos Lara Lopez, Andrew Zuercher, Ali Faiz, Max Enrique Villalobos Blanco, Frank Cohen, Peter Schumacher, Lilac Epstein, Robert Schneider, Geoff Lane, Todd Bradfute, and Jack Cohen.

Applies to TestMaker 6.0

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