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Testing in The Wild West

Lack of Standards Causes a Greater Need for Test Expert Services

I set the company name to PushToTest to show playfullness in the face of a daunting task. To be a tester today requires expertise in software development, software service interfaces and APIs, test scripting tools and languages, and operational test data creation and use. All of these keep changing - sorry innovating. The average CIO, CTO, V.P. Engineering, and Test Manager expects the same thing:
  • They want to see TestMaker work flawlessly
  • They want to see TestMaker work with their applications
  • They want to see their testers and developers use TestMaker productively
  • They want to see TestMaker integrate with their development systems seemlessly
TestMaker is not designed to test the entire Internet - only big portions of it! For example:
  • For Web services (SOAP, REST, JMS, ESB) that have a well defined and managed standard interface, TestMaker works very well with customer applications. The W3C standards body governs the SOAP standards and Oracle's JCP governs the JMS standard.
  • For Rich Internet Applications (Ajax, Flash, Flex, SOA) that have no standards body, this is the wild west of test scripting. TestMaker is an organization's best choice because of its rich support of Open Source Test tools. For example, if Selenium won't solve an Ajax problem then TestMaker also supports Sahi for Ajax testing, and Java for Ajax testing too.
For those times when TestMaker encounters compatibility issues with applications under test, PushToTest Global Services provides a paid Test Architect and Test Subject Matter Expert (SME) to solve compatibility issues.

At PushToTest we call this "well defined standards" vs "wild west" and it really cuts to the core issue. There is a lack of standards that causes a greater need for expert services. This is not that any particular test tool is difficult to use, it is that there is a "wild west" variety of possible implementations.

Todd Bradfute of PushToTest takes the metaphore to an extreme: So you can choose to live back east (SOAP/JMS) where the legislature passes laws and people obey them. But the taxes are higher (contracts and validation.) So some choose to live on the frontier (REST) ... taxes are lower, people can do more of their own thing ... but you have to rely on neighbors more for help (forums). Or you could take your wagon out West (AJAX, Flex, Flash, etc.) ... there's gold in them there hills (beautiful RIA presentations) people are ingenious (custom controls for textboxes) but sometimes they bend the laws (miss keystrokes on password entry, fail to respond to keyboard input.) Thus the town needs to hire a sheriff (QA Architect) to make the town work.

Learn What PushToTest Global Service Experts Do For Your Organization

Learn What PushToTest Global Service Experts Do For Your Organization

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