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Social Mobile Web Application vs. Enterprise Application Testing

Performance Infrastructure

I was surprised to see a big disagreement on the value of social mobile Web applications at the Red Herring conference.

PushToTest is selected as a Finalist for Red Herring's Top 100 Americas award. The award recognizes the year's most promising private technology ventures in North America. Red Herring selected PushToTest for developing performance infrastructure necessary to deliver social mobile Web applications reliably. I presented PushToTest at the Red Herring conference last week among panels of venture capitalists, merger managers at large businesses, and entrepreneurs. The discord around social mobile Web applications and enterprise software surprises me.

Red Herring Top 100 Americas Award

For example, Ray Rothrock of Venrock Capital said "Could the world live without enterprise software... no. Could it live without Facebook... yes." Wow. It's not a competition. Social mobile applications build an audience and marketplace of interest in brands. Enterprise software is the means to deliver a great Web user experience. Social mobile is the next generation in marketing tactics.

Social mobile Web applications intensify a divide between the IT team and business team at an organization. PushToTest delivers performance infrastructure to PepsiCo, BestBuy, and Deloitte. While the IT team wants to defend the enterprise systems from crowds of users - and the performance spikes that happen when the Web site gets slammed - the business team couldn't be happier when the site goes viral.

Most recently PushToTest saw this divide a few weeks ago when PepsiCo updated the Web site. The new site moves PepsiCo closer to the heart of its target market, the popular culture. Their new home page incorporates elements of Facebook, Twitter, and live information feeds for their concerts, participation in the Summer Olympics, and other promotions. It is an outstanding exciting integrated site.

Competing needs from the IT team and business team

The challenge for all organizations today is the IT team has all the responsibility to provide a site that works in a social, viral, and mobile marketplace. How a CIO gets any sleep is a mystery to me! These sites need to be load balanced, have great reliability during performance spikes, be elastic to scale up and down, and protect user and business data from unapproved access.

For business managers, getting to the heart of the target market means attracting as many people as possible to use a social mobile Web application. The business team wants the site to be social to attract the attention of the heart of the market, be viral to create awareness on its own, feature a great user experience (UX,) and be accessible from mobile devices.

At a minimum the performance infrastructure needs to accomplish the following:
  1. Test the actual scalability of edge caching networks like Akamai
  2. Surface functional problems in the User Experience at high levels of load
  3. Monitor the existing plumbing between Twitter, Facebook, voting services and other integration functions in the site
  4. Stress the origin servers to identify how the application breaks when it fails
  5. Enable globally outsourced developers and testers to run performance tests at any time
In our experience PepsiCo raised the bar for all business managers in its social mobile Web initiatives. For IT managers that means integrated marketing campaign testing - like PepsiCo - requires performance infrastructure. Learn how PushToTest delivers a solution that works for the IT team and business team by attending one of our free live Webinar workshops.

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P.S. - If you would like to learn more about PepsiCo's performance test efforts, ask me for a briefing.