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soapUI Hands-On Training Course

soapUI Training Course

In this 2-Day soapUI Training Course you will learn how to use soapUI and soapUI Pro to conquer your biggest Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Web service (SOAP and REST) test projects. The course provides a hands-on immersive learning experience for everyone who wants to know the how, what, and why of the tools and concepts behind testing SOA and Web/REST services for scalability, performance, and reliability.

Take your choice:

  • Attend a training class in our facilities. This class is led several times a year in the United States, Europe, and Asia.
  • PushToTest offers the training class on-site at your location.
  • Attend a training via Internet Webinar led by a live instructor.

Each of the above options comes with our excellent hands-on course materials, individual mentoring, and immediate answers to your questions.

  • June 23/24
  • July 21/22
  • August 25/26 2011
  • September 29/30 2011

Base price for the 2-Day course is $1,599 USD.

All students are eligible for a discount on an upgrade to the award-winning soapUI Pro.

The soapUI Training teaches how to use this powerful tool without requiring you to be a test coding expert.

PushToTest and WiseClouds create a hands-on, immersive learning experience for everyone who wants to know the how, what, and why of the tools and concepts behind testing SOA and Web services for scalability, performance, and reliability.

This training course is a compelling, intensive, hands-on training program that will teach Web developers, software architects, QA Testers, IT managers, and Web professionals how to build high-quality software using test automation from beginning-to-end.

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The soapUI Training Course is led by Robert D. Schneider, Principal at WiseClouds, our training partners. Drawing from a deep pool of global talent and expertise in a wide variety of disciplines, WiseClouds provides integration and training based on modern Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Open Source, and Software as a Service (SaaS) technologies. Robert has written 5 books and numerous articles on complex topics such as information integration, SOA, and SaaS, and database technology such as SQL Server and MySQL. Robert is a frequent speaker at IT industry events. Robert is the co-author of The Big SOA Grid, a comprehensive, accurate, and current list of all important SOA standards.

Get Hands-On In Today's Top Test Topics

The soapUI Training course features these modules:

  • The why, what, and how of test automation

  • The User Goal Oriented Test Methodology (UGOT) to deliver actionable knowledge

  • Installation, configuration, and deployment

  • Components, architecture, and user interface

  • XML, WSDL, SOAP fundamentals

  • Hands-on: Using XPath & XQuery with soapUI

  • Hands-on: WSDL refactoring

  • Hands-on: Integration with external tools

  • Hands-on: Assertion management

  • Hands-on: Mock services

  • Hands-on: Load and performance testing

  • Hands-on: The Groovy programming language

  • Hands-on: Determining test coverage

  • Analyzing test results

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This class is targeted at software engineering managers, system architects, software developers, and quality engineers.

The format is 20% discussion, 80% lab. Laptop required for hands-on lab sessions.

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