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Fun and Easy Web Service Testing
for SOAP and REST Services

soapui plus PushToTest = Web Service Joy

PushToTest includes Eviware soapUI. And, the integration is pure Web Service joy.

Enterprises are challenged to surface performance and load issues, regression and functional issues, and to accomplish business service monitoring in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Web Service environments. Eviware soapUI is the recognized open-source Web service test suite development tool. soapUI enables developers, testers, and IT managers - both technical and nontechnical - to build test suites and test cases of SOAP-based and REST-based Web services in an easy graphical environment.

soapUI features agile visual test suite creation and debugging. Import the WSDL (or WADL for REST services) and a few clicks later you have a test suite. soapUI even provides easy Mock Service creation to build virtualized services for test development when the real service is unavailable.

PushToTest integrates soapUI fully and takes soapUI to entirely new levels of testing and service management. PushToTest TestMaker operates soapUI tests in a distributed test environment as a functional test, load and performance test, and business service monitor - all from the same original soapUI test suite! TestMaker monitors application/service resources (memory, CPU, threads, database connections) as the soapUI test suite operates. TestMaker provides hundreds of reports that enable users to do root cause analysis and remediation of SOA performance and regression problems.

Professional Training and Support

PushToTest provides professional training and support for soapUI and TestMaker.

InfoWorld rated PushToTest and soapUI each to be "excellent" and PushToTest customers love the outstanding integration! For instance, many mid-size and large enterprises use soapUI to read Web Service Description Language (WSDL) documents and in a few clicks of a mouse they write a multi-step test suite.

soapUI includes test coverage reports and automatic updates to tests as the WSDL definition changes over time. These will save you hundreds of hours of effort.

PushToTest runs these tests in a test lab of 10 servers to generate 2,000 concurrently running test suites. And the PushToTest distributed test environment scales even larger. PushToTest reports then show the target host environment's scalability index to help plan for hardware purchases and network bandwidth needs.

soapUI graphical interface creating a SOAP request

Use the integrated Eviware soapUI utility to build test use cases for SOAP-based Web services. WSDL goes in, test use cases come out.

PushToTest Improves The Speed of Development and Deployment

PushToTest TestMaker helps you set the requirements for a test automation platform, evaluate, and make recommendations. PushToTest is the fastest way to speed your development and deployment projects.

  • No Expense, No Budget, No Fees to Get Started Today - The PushToTest Company distributes pre-built, tested, and ready-to-run binary of TestMaker under a free commercial license. soapUI comes integrated in the PushToTest TestMaker download. The commercial license is free and authorizes you to run up to 50 concurrent virtual users and 10 concurrently running business service monitors (BSMs.) Additional virtual users and monitors and soapUI Pro are available for purchase from PushToTest. Click here for details. PushToTest TestMaker source code is free and distributed under a GPL v2 license.

  • QuickStart From Start-To-Test - PushToTest gets software developers, architects, QA testers, and IT managers from start to testing in the span of a 3-Day soapUI Training Course. The course is taught in your facilites, at PushToTest's Silicon Valley offices, at Skills Matter (our European partner) training facilities in London, or by Web conference.

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