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Enable Large Scale, High Volume Deployment For Enterprise Applications

Avoid The Complexities of Unmanageable SOA Principles in Large Scale Deployments


It is amazing to see the progress organizations have taken in designing architecture for large scale, high volume Web and business process management (BPM) applications. Frank Cohen first wrote about the Composition Approach methodology years ago, and followed it up with an article on Service Virtualization. PushToTest even publishes a free open-source SOA Knowledge Kit to show you how to accomplish your goals with tools from TIBCO, Oracle, IBM, and RedHat.

Today's complex application development processes consists of multiple phases of software development where teams of architects, developers, testers and administrators co-create services for large scale applications which serves millions of users globally. The success of an application largely depends on the tools used to deploy and manage these services. These tools must accommodate heterogeneous applications and enable reuse of the underlying services to achieve business value, without causing any disruptions to development processes or end users.

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Infrastructure Platforms are a category of tools to turn business logic into services which can be deployed and managed.

Join Frank Cohen of PushToTest for a conversation with Greg Hoeltzer, Sr. Consultant at TIBCO on Aug 3, 9AM Pacific (GMT-8) to discuss the overall state of SOA applications as well as challenges and approaches to service enable existing systems for large scale high-volume deployments.

Enable Large Scale, High Volume Deployment For Enterprise Applications

Greg Hoeltzer is senior consultant at TIBCO. Greg deployed TIBCO ActiveMatrix Service Grid and ActiveSpaces at large enterprises. He has over 20 years of experience which includes Design and implementation of highly-scalable distributed solutions as well as enabling Fortune 500 companies to realize direct business benefit from strategic SOA/ESB implementations.

This is a free live Webinar for Managers, CIOs, Architects, Developers and other technology executives who introduced Service Oriented Architecture in their organizations.