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Organizations are shifting their IT architecture towards Rich Internet Applications (RIA) and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA.) Successful organizations update their internal methodologies to become more agile. These changes create new challenges for their internal IT operations departments.

The Problem

PushToTest provides services to solve these problems:

  • Downtime as a Consequence of Change. SOA, Web service, and RIA/Ajax applications depend on always-on, always available services.

  • Limited Test Coverage. This new world moves past measuring test coverage simply on the number of manual test runs.

  • Costly Manual Governance. Governing development and maintenance of dozens to hundreds of services requires that testing and monitoring become a key part of a Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) and an artifact of a SOA Governance registry/repository.

  • Intermittent Outages from Siloed System Access. SOA, Web service and RIA/Ajax applications are compositions of many services. Testing and monitoring becomes critical. The test environment needs to provide a Service Virtualization for continuous testing.

  • Simple Record/Playback No Longer Works in SOA and RIA Environments. The record/playback tools we once used to create tests no longer work in applications that have advanced business workflows and special features. Tests require modeling of user behaviour and real coding.

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Encounter any of the above problems and your organization is headed for failure. The truth is:

Testing A No Longer An Option

PushToTest Global Services lets your organization put our expertise to work for your success. PushToTest delivers expertise, methodology, technology, and management of your information technology quality.