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Features and Benefits
Browser Compatibility Testing
Scriptless Test Development
Data Driven Tests
Selenium IDE
SeleniumHtmlUnit Reference
Unimplemented Commands
DZone RefCard
Debugging Techniques
Selenium Documentation
Open Source Test Workshop
High Speed Test Operation
Results Analysis
Scaling Selenium Tests
Continuous Integration
Alternative To QTP
TestMaker IDE Preview

Please read the tutorial on Selenium testing in TestMaker. The tutorial shows step-by-step instructions to accomplish functional testing, load and performance testing, and business service monitoring of Selenium tests in TestMaker.

Tutorial: Building Tests of Rich Internet Applications Using Ajax and Selenium

These additional resources are available:

Screencast: Watch the 8 Minute Screencast on TestMaker

DZone RefCard: Introduction To Selenium

Selenium Documentation Project

Open Source Test Workshop

Open Source Test Workshop

This Open Source Test Workshop is for QA testers, software developers, and network and server managers needing visibility, tools, and methodology into all the demand for IT. This is a deep-technical Workshop to answer your issues:

  • TestMaker repurposes a single Selenium test as a functional test, load and performance test, and business service monitor. Details
  • How To Use Selenium in Rich Internet Application (RIA, using Ajax) Environments
  • How To Build Test Suites of SOAP and REST-based Applications using soapUI
  • How To Data Enable Selenium Tests Using TestMaker
  • Testing in Flash/Flex Environments Using AMF Protocols
  • Integrating TestMaker Tests Into Your Continuous Integration Environment
  • How To Analyze Test Results Into Actionable Knowledge
  • Using Glassbox and DynaTrace for Root Cause Analysis

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