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Create Robust Selenium Tests With PageObjects

PageObject Brings Object Oriented Benefits To Your Test Scripts

Page Object

The Page Object Pattern is a strong and efficient way to create, maintain and reuse test scripts for testing Web applications. PageObjects bring object oriented programming to test scripts. Selenium PageObject is a software and test development pattern to represent Web pages or parts of Web pages. PageObject is an approach to building test scripts that break when the application changes. For Test Case developers and testers, PageObjects brings a component approach to organize test code and avoid having to always focus on the implementation details.

The Selenium Page Object enables you to interact with the UI elements of web application code. This lets you focus on how users interact with the web application, promoting reusability and maintainability of code.

In this free, live webinar, on Wed, July 27, 2011 at 9AM Pacific Time (GMT-8), Adam Goucher, maintainer of Selenium IDE, who had demonstrated working principles of Selenium in the popular Selenium, You are Doing It Wrong Workshop will discuss and demonstrate PageObjects with Frank Cohen, Founder at PushToTest. This is a live Webinar to discuss the following:

The Workshop agenda:

Introduction to Selenium PageObjects
Reusing your test scripts with PageObjects
How To Create robust test scripts with PageObjects
Code samples, including Python

Create Robust Selenium Tests With PageObject

Adam Goucher is the Selenium IDE maintainer, consultant and Selenium expert at Element 34. He is a member of the core Selenium team. He helped evangelize the Selenium community and helped make Selenium IDE a better product. Adam helps organizations introduce new testing tools and techniques, setup automation frameworks and frequently speaks on software testing methodologies, Agile Software Development Lifecycle Methodology, and browser automation.

This is a practical and hands-on Workshop for technical team members (Software developers, Testers, IT Managers,) and managers (CIOs, CTOs, development managers, and business managers.)

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