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Selenium Load Testing and Monitoring Workshop

Selenium Load Testing and Monitoring Workshop

Join us for a live interactive meet-up with the Selenium Load Test and Monitoring Experts at this free Workshop

Organizations are challenged to rapidly build, test, and operate always-on services. Our teams are feeling the effort when schedules are short, budgets are tight, standards are few, and much of this is new! Using Selenium to build test scripts does not have to be difficult with the right knowledge, techniques and methodology.

At the Workshop you will see demonstrations of how Ford, PepsiCo, Intuit, Cisco, and Deutsche Bank succeed with Selenium and Open Source Test (OST) technology and methodology as a more affordable and flexible option to the proprietary test vendors.

This Workshop is for QA testers, software developers, and network and server managers needing visibility, tools, and methodology into all the demand for IT. This is a deep-technical Workshop to answer your issues:

• How To Use Selenium in Rich Internet Application (RIA, using Ajax) Environments
• How To Data Enable Selenium Tests Using TestMaker
• Testing in Flash/Flex Environments Using AMF Protocols
• Integrating TestMaker Tests Into Your Continuous Integration Environment
• How To Analyze Test Results Into Actionable Knowledge

Frank Cohen, the leading authority for testing and optimizing software developed with Web, SOA, AJAX and REST designs and implementations, will lead the meet-up.
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