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Script Driven Testing

Script-Driven Testing

Moving Beyond Record/Playback

PushToTest TestMaker supports record/playback testing. TestMaker users create test scripts using a test script recorder. The recorder watches Web application use in a browser and creates a test script. Operate the tests in Firefox, Internet Exprlorer, and other browsers. Record/playback works for many tests. There are times when tests need to use conditional execution, looping, branching and complex operational test data sets. These are occassions to move from record/playback to script-driven testing.

Script-driven testing in TestMaker has many advantages. TestMaker data-enables tests to use operational test data from TestMaker Data Production Library (DPL) data sources. Tests operate in the high performance HtmlUnit headless Web browser. Tests include user-defined custom logging down to the step level.

Transformer Tutorial: Moving From Record/Playback To Script-Driven Testing

Script-driven Testing in Visual Basic 6

Reference guide to the Jython scripting language. Jython is a 100% Java implementation of the Python language.

Check the TestMaker_home/example_agents/miscellaneous directory for examples in .NET, Visual Basic, and testing applications through the command line.

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