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Repurposing your test scripts

Repurposing delivers tremendous benefits to your organization. TestMaker enables your QA test team to save money and accelerate time-to-test by repurposing tests developed by your software developers.


TestMaker repurposing is a framework for developers, QA technicians and IT managers to work more efficiently and more effectively. That is because TestMaker delivers functional testing, load testing, and business service monitoring by repurposing the same single test script.


Create test scripts of your application using any of the integrated tools. Define a simple TestScenario to identify the type of test: functional test, load and performance test, or business service monitor. TestMaker repurposes the test script and delivers charts and analysis of the test results. Pass smoke tests, surface performance bottlenecks, and enforce Service Level Agreements (SLAs) in one product.
  • Functional Tests operate one or more test scripts as a single user would. The test operates set-up methods for database state configuration and teardown for clean-up operations.
  • Load Tests operate one or more test scripts in multiple concurrently running threads. The test operates as many of the test use cases in the test script as possible in the set amount of test time. TestMaker's Results Analysis Engine delivers Transactions Per Second (TPS,) Scalability Index, and 350 other reports.
  • Business Service Monitors operate one or more test scripts as a single user would. The Monitor repeats the test every given period of time. The logged results are proof of achieving a Service Level Agreement (SLA).