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Modern Applications

"PushToTest helped our developers and testers achieve
rapid test development in a haze of new protocols and techniques."

Modern software applications are always-on, mashups of functionality from multiple applications and data centers, and deployed through browser, mobile devices, and service interfaces. While it is a wonderful time to be developing applications, maintaining quality over time becomes geometrically more complex with Rich Internet Applications (RIA), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), and Web services. They have issues:


PushToTest designed TestMaker to succeed in Ajax, SOA, Service Virtualization and Composition, and Flex/Flash environments. TestMaker delivers:

  • Powerful and Advanced Ajax Test Development Environment. TestMaker provides Ajax testing using the Selenium command set and the HTMLUnit/Rhino Web browser. Build test use cases that implement Ajax application business flows. Then play back these tests in TestMaker as functional tests, load and performance tests, and production service monitors.
  • Rapid SOA Testing using TestMaker provides protocol handlers and data handlers frequently used in SOA environments. TestMaker provides powerful protocol handlers for SOAP, XML-RPC, and ESB/Message Queues to accelerate your test development.
  • Adobe Flex and Flash AMF protocol handlers enable your developers to build tests using Flex native protocols rapidly and in agile test-first methodology.
  • PushToTest designed every part of TestMaker for Extensibility and Flexibility. TestMaker's design is "future proof" for innovations that are yet to come.