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Deploying TestMaker on your test platform

TestMaker rapidly surfaces functional, performance, and operational issues with a test platform that runs in your environment, in a cloud computing environment, or both!


Operating tests has never been easier. PushToTest designed TestMaker for flexibility, extensibility, and for modern environments. The resulting flexibility for deploying the TestMaker test environment is unique. PushToTest provides TestMaker in the following ways:

At its core, TestMaker is a distributed test runtime. Easily write tests using the included record/playback tools, graphical tools, or unit tests written in Java or the other supported languages. TestMaker runs the test on one or more TestNodes, the PTTMonitor observes the backend as the test runs, and the included results analysis engine identifies the root cause of performance bottlenecks and broken functions automatically.


Traditional testing tools are not equipped to manage today’s Rich Internet Applications (RIA) or Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) environments. Your organization benefits greatly from these new techniques: RIA using Ajax, Flash, Flex increases usability and scalability and SOA increases time-to-market, lowers development costs, and increases operational governance. These new technologies rely on multiple services, use multiple protocols, on multiple platforms to orchestrate business processes and service functions. PushToTest designed Testmaker to meet and solve these testing challenges.

TestMaker provides a single tool to verify these modern and advanced applications are ready to serve users, vendors, employees, and consumers. TestMaker surfaces performance and functional problems before your thousands of users encounter them. At a time when IT budgets are limited, TestMaker provides industrial-strength Open Source Testing (OST) at a very affordable price.

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The Test OnDemand Option

PushToTest Test OnDemand removes the “Big Commitment Price Tag” from your decision to adopt TestMaker. With Test OnDemand our Global Services test experts build your first test and train your team on how to use it as a template for future tests. You pay one low price to get started, you pay as you run tests, we cap the total price you pay per year. With Test OnDemand you get started quickly with the expertise of PushToTest’s consultants or engage for the lifecycle. It provides IT organizations with the flexibility to optimize their implementation with the PushToTest experts, then have the option to bring testing in-house for future projects.

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