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TestMaker 6 User Guide

Getting Started with Selenium

In this reference card, Frank Cohen gives a general overview of Selenium, as well as practical, handy tips on installing Selenium and using Selenium commands to record and playback. Topics include:

• About Selenium
• Architecture in a Nutshell
• Installing Selenium
• Recording/Playback using Selenium IDE
• Selenese Table Format
• Selenium Command Reference

Selenium 2 API

Selenium 2: Using The API To Create Robust Tests

Selenium 2 represents the merger of the original Selenium project with the WebDriver project.This gives Selenium an object oriented API for interaction and browser control. The topics of this reference card include:

• What is Selenium 2.0?
• Architecture
• Installation
• Driver Implementations
• Page Interaction Model
• Mobile Device Support and more

TestMaker 6 User Guide

TestMaker 6 User Guide

TestMaker 6 User Guide documents the features, tools, and techniques for TestMaker and provides a quick start to learn the TestMaker platform, including concepts, test authoring, test deployment, and results analysis topics.Some topics include:

• Introduction: Explains the architecture and purposes for TestMaker
• Designer User Guide: Designer is a utility that makes it easy to record and playback test objects of Rich Internet Applications (RIA, using Ajax, Flex, Flash)
• Selenium Testing: Testing Web 1.0 and Rich Internet Applications (RIA, using Ajax) in the Selenese testing language.
• Support, Knowledge, Help, Source: A listing of resources to help you make the most of your test project

TestMaker 6 Tutorials

TestMaker 6 Tutorials

PushToTest TestMaker comes with tutorials to teach you how to develop tests of Web applications, Rich Internet Applications (RIA) using Ajax techniques, SOAP/WSDL-based Web services, Service Oriented Architecture, and Web applications rapidly.Some topics include:

• Building Tests of Rich Internet Applications Using Ajax and Designer Script
• Build A Selenium Test of a Web Application
• Build A Test of a Adobe Flex/Flash Service With Native AMF Protocols.
• Build Really Fast Web Application Tests with HTTP Archive (HAR) Technology