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Orlando Meet-up for Selenium, soapUI, Sahi, TestMaker Users

Orlando Free Workshop for Testers, Developers, IT Ops, Managers

Solve performance bottlenecks and function problems in your web applications. Learn the Open Source Test way to accomplish functional tests, load and performance tests, and service monitoring of Web applications, Rich Internet Applications (RIA, using Ajax, Flex, Flash, Oracle Forms, Applets,) and SOAP and REST Web services.

Orlando, Florida
Thursday, March 8th, 2012
3:00 pm to 4:30 pm

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What We Have For You

  • A free technical Workshop hosted by Frank Cohen, CEO and Founder at PushToTest, presented in a live meet-up format at a hotel conference center in Orlando, Florida, including answers to your questions
  • A systematic, simple, Agile way to understand and manage effective tests of your application
  • How To Record Selenium Tests In MS Internet Explorer and other Browsers
  • Run Selenium, soapUI, Sahi, JUnit Tests As Load And Performance Tests
  • Open Source Test software to build tests and deploy to desktop, grid, and cloud environments
  • At a minimum you will see Selenium, Sahi, TestMaker, soapUI, HtmlUnit, JUnit, Flex, Oracle Forms testing demonstrated
  • How To Run Tests from Continuous Integration (CI) and Test Management Environments
  • A clear tutorial approach to the PushToTest methodology of building and repurposing tests to understand the correct functioning, performance, and scalability of your application
  • An organized reference guide to the "best of the best" tips, techniques, patterns and antipatterns from PushToTest over the years, and how it all fits together


  • The Why, What, and How of Open-Source Test Tools vs. Proprietary Tools
  • An Architecture To Use Open Source Test Tools Together
  • Repurposing A Single Selenium or soapUI Test For Functional Tests, Load and Performance Tests, and Production Monitors
  • Building Tests With A Component Architecture For Easy Maintenance
  • Demonstrations of Open Source Test Tools and How They Hang Together
  • Results Analysis To Surface The Root Cause of Performance Bottlenecks and Functional Issues
  • Questions and Answers
See you in Orlando!