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PushToTest Logo Style Guide

The PushToTest logo and color-system were designed by Jennifer Long of Long Design, Palo Alto, California. Details on Long Design are at While the logo is the trademark of PushToTest we are happy for you to use the logo on your Web site, materials and marketing outreach provided you adhere to these conditions:

1) You agree to use the logo and original color pallet and make no changes or embellishments to the logo and colors.
2) The logo must appear separate from any other images and surrounded by a medium size border.
3) The logo may not imply a commercial relationship between you or your company and PushToTest unless one exists. Please do not make claims on behalf of PushToTest.
4) On materials that include a copyright for your works also include: PushToTest is a trademarks of PushToTest. All rights reserved.
5) As a courtesy please send email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it when using the PushToTest logo.


Download the PushToTest logo package (436K, Zip format)

Color System

Original color system. Designed by Jennifer Long in 2001.

Yellow for backgrounds,  Black over yellow is elegant, light yellow plays off yellow in logo 255 255 204  #FFFFCC
Schoolbus Yellow,  Yellow in logo 255 153 0 #FF9900
Deep Blue,  Blue in logo type 0 0 204 #0000CC
Fills and outlines,  Good outline for deep blue 153 204 255 #99CCFF
Red, Failure, Problems ahead 255 51 51 #FF3333
Green, Success,  Bright and cheerful header color 0 153 51 #009933

Updated color system. Designed by Romarto in 2009.

PushToTest Color Palette

(c) 2010 PushToTest. All rights reserved.
PushToTest and the TestMaker logo are trademarks of the PushToTest company.