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Test Oracle Forms For Function and Performance

PushToTest TestMaker Java Applet Testing (JAT) Technology

Java Applet technology powers Oracle Forms and many Web applications. PushToTest TestMaker Enterprise with JAT rises to support testers in Java Applet environments with sophisticated and powerful test tools and methodology. TestMaker Enteprise with JAT were built for functional testing, load and performance testing, and production monitoring.

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Presenter Biographies and Details

Frank Cohen
Frank Cohen, CEO and Founder, at PushToTest

Luis Carlos Lara
Luis Carlos Lara, Senior Engineer, at PushToTest


This is a practical and hands-on Workshop for technical team members, including software architects, software developers, testers, and IT Managers.
  • How to install and use TestMaker Enterprise with JAT in your environment
  • Record test scripts of a Java Applet-based Web application and Oracle Forms application
  • Learn how to data-enable tests without coding
  • Use branching and looping commands
  • Repurpose test scripts to be functional tests, load and performance tests, and production monitors

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