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PushToTest TestOnDemand provides organizations with test solutions on an as-needed, on-demand basis. TestOnDemand delivers a global test capability that is fully scriptable, fully functional, multi-protocol, and a complete solution to meet your performance test needs.

TestOnDemand is ideal for consulting organizations and departments that have internal or external clients needing test services. These clients have their own budget for test services. In these situations, QA test teams either do not want to purchase the tools for each client or do not have the budget to purchase tools to use for their clients’ projects. For instance, one customer approaches your organization with a load and performance test project needing 10,000 concurrently running simulated users. The next project needs 100,000 simulated users! With TestOnDemand you pay for only those simulated users you need. Avoid paying for those extra 90,000 users!

Cloud Test Computing Option

PushToTest provides an option to run your test on PushToTest provided test equipment and network resources. The PushToTest Test Computing Cloud hosts up to 500,000 concurrently running simulated users from multiple locations around the Internet. Contact PushToTest for a detailed price quote to meet your exact needs.

Cloud computing delivers many benefits to the test vendors:

  1. Provisioning hardware to generate load just got a lot easier, and much less expensive. Cloud computing environments are used at commodity pricing.
  2. Cloud computing enables load generation from multiple geographical locations to more closely simulate real world user environments that previously available. For example, run a test from Asia and Europe on RackSpace, from Eastern US with Amazon EC2, and GoGrid in the Western US.
  3. Cloud computing makes it much easier to provide on-demand testing. For example, PushToTest OnDemand testing reduces costs by avoiding the necessity of making a big committment to a test platform up front.

PushToTest provides TestMaker profiles for the most popular Cloud Computing providers. For example, TestMaker comes in a prepackaged and ready-to-deploy Amazon Machine Image (AMI) file. These profiles enable your organization to stage tests up to millions of simulated users from multiple geographic locations around the world.

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