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Optimizing Your HP/Mercury Tools with PushToTest

Enhance your HP/Mercury LoadRunner testing and QualityCenter processes across the full SOA life cycle with PushToTest TestMaker.

Organizations with investments in HP/Mercury solutions often find that they are unable to achieve agility, efficiency, and economy when confronted with test, monitoring, and operational management requirements in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA,) Rich Internet Applications (RIA) using Ajax, and Web services. PushToTest delivers solutions for organizations to extend the value of their HP/Mercury solutions and increase their existing skilled teams by adding fast, fun, easy, and inexpensive open-source test tools that leverage and extend HP/Mercury solutions.

PushToTest TestMaker provides an modern text, validation, monitoring, and operational management solution for HP/Mercury testing and IT Governance frameworks, including QualityCenter (TestDirector), QuickTestPro (QTP), Performance Center (LoadRunner) and Systinet. PushToTest TestMaker solutions create immediate value in your teams by enhancing the functionality of these leading tools to test Web, SOA, RIA/Ajax, and Web services across the full lifecycle of design, change, operations, and maintenance processes.

It's A New World, PushToTest Solves HP/Mercury Customer Challenges

In the new world, functional testing, load and performance testing, and service monitor instrumentation happens at many points in the software development lifecycle. Organizations can no longer wait until the end of the development process to begin testing. HP/Mercury customers face several new challenges presented by modern applications:
  • Downtime As A Consequence of Change: SOA, Web service, and RIA/Ajax applications depend on always-on, always available services. Each service changes according to its own development lifecycle. One downed service creates severe issues within business processes. Organizations need dynamic, automated testing approaches to realize the benefits of flexible, repurposeable, and maintainable test automation.
  • Limited Test Coverage: Testing in SOA, Web service, and RIA/Ajax environments requires test automation based on service interface definitions to ensure satisfactory test coverage. The new world moves past measuring test coverage simply on the number of manual test runs.
  • Costly Manual Governance: Service Governance provides a scalable, maintainable, and cost saving way for organizations to build and deploy services. In the new world, testing is another artifact of a Governance registry/repository. Test and monitoring statistics become valuable metadata for each governed service.
  • Intermittent Outages From Siloed System Access: Testing and monitoring needs to happen on a scheduled and automated basis even if some of the services are unavailable. The test environment needs to provide a Service Virtualization for continuous testing.

PushToTest TestMaker increases your ROI on these efforts, by allowing your teams to Test, Validate and Virtualize today applications within within your existing HP/Mercury Testing and IT Operations processes, for a higher level of quality coverage at a lower cost.

How PushToTest TestMaker supports HP/Mercury Solutions for SOA

PushToTest built TestMaker from the ground-up to test, evaluate, monitor, and optimize multi-tier SOA, Web, and RIA/Ajax applications. TestMaker delivers a single platform for front-to-back multi-protocol testing and end-to-end (functional test, load and performance test, and business service monitoring) in one platform. One platform saves your organization time, money, and effort.

HP Mercury Solution With PushToTest Added HP Mercury with PushToTest Added Delivers These Benefits:
Quality Center, TestDirector
Test Process Management
TestMaker SOA Testing
  • A fraction of the cost, plus test deployment flexibility unavailable in QC alone
  • Test coverage you can not get with Quality Center alone
  • Coverage of all layers of SOA applications
  • Fast and easy GUI-based test creation and maintenance
  • Reuse of tests across the lifecycle (functional, load and performance, business service monitoring)
  • Multi-tier test results stored and visible within QC
LoadRunner, QuickTestPro TestMaker with Ajax IDE
  • Automates test data capture and modeling with high variability for realistic testing without the huge data preparation and cost effort
  • Repurpose TestMaker tests as functional tests, load and performance tests, and production performance monitor) without any additional coding
SOA Governance Registry and Repository
PushToTest As A Service (PAAS)
  • UDDI integration of testing/validation with registry/repository
  • Provides a verifiable enforcement and validation point for Policies
  • Continuous validation for ensuring services do no break intended workflows with change

PushToTest Services Directed By The Original Mercury Power Users

PushToTest TestMaker is proven technology. 160,000 software developers, QA testers, and IT managers across 4,000 organizations use TestMaker. They are brought together by the benefit of repurposing tests as functional tests, load and performance tests, and business service monitors using TestMaker.

PushToTest services are directed by one of the original LoadRunner power users: Peter Schumacher. In 1994 Schumacher was Mercury Interactive’s first service partner for LoadRunner for SAP and SAP BASIS. As a result, PushToTest Professional Services delivers expertise at building, testing, managing, and monitoring SOA, Ajax, and Web applications. And, our services make it easy and efficient to integrate the TestMaker solution into your organization's existing HP/Mercury infrastructure.

PushToTest Integration Points for HP/Mercury Testing Tools

Here are three key integration points for maximizing the value of HP testing tools for SOA with PushToTest TestMaker:

  1. Provides a Virtual Services Environment for QTP and LoadRunner for Functional and Load testing. TestMaker repurposes unit tests and tests build with Selenium, soapUI, and TestGen4Web to simulate user behavior, including operation of ESB and BPM technology. Repurposing enables your developers, QA testers, and IT managers to have a common framework throughout the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC.) TestMaker is ideal for agile environments where developers and architects build tests first.

  2. TestMaker works with QualityCenter test management processes. TestMaker tests are artifacts stored in QualityCenter or TestDirector. An easy service interface lets Quality Center operate these tests. These test artifacts return data directly back into QualityCenter. This is ideal for returning functional testing, regression, load and performance test results back into QC.

  3. Integrates with Systinet for SOA Governance and Validation. TestMaker tests interoperate with Systinet Registry/Repository as a key point of policy validation for services. TestMaker provides a PushToTest As A Service (PAAS) service interface to the Systinet registry. This is ideal for test automation in SOA environments.

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