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TestMaker 6 Preview

Easy Open Ajax Testing

Surface Functional Issues and Performance Bottlenecks

TestMaker is an easy means to move from manual to automated testing of Ajax and Flex Web applications. Record tests in IE, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Then repurpose tests to be functional tests for smoke tests, regression tests, integration tests, load and performance tests, and business service monitors.

Download TestMaker 6 most recent build

During March 2011 PushToTest will distribute TestMaker 6 Release Candidates. These are functionally complete and may contain bugs. We will fix the bugs and update the Release Candidate until we declare the General Availability (GA) release.

Download TestMaker 6 Now

Download the most recent Release Candidate build at:
Downloads are for Windows XP, Vista, 7, Mac OS X, and Ubuntu Linux

Download and read the TestMaker 6 User Guide chapters:
Chapter 1 - Introduction, Concepts, Capabilities
Chapter 2 - Installation, Configuration, Integration
Chapter 3 - Continuous Integration and Testing
Chapter 4 - TestMaker Object Designer User Guide
Chapter 5 - Flex and Flash Testing Guide
Chapter 6 - TestMaker Editor for Test Orchestration

TestMaker 6 Source code is available in our svn repository at:

Current list of open tickets is at:

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Fast and Easy Data-Driven Test Authoring for Ajax and Flex Applications

  • Recognizes thousands of Ajax Web objects
  • No wait commands
  • No XPath commands - beautiful accessors instead
  • Drag-and-drop data driven test configuration
  • Records in IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera

Making Selenium Test Script Creation Fast and Easy

  • Avoid writing test code by using the entirely point-and-click TestMaker Object Designer
  • Drag-and-drop data-driven testing with no coding needed
  • Looping, branching, conditions, and variables with no coding
  • Object Repository feature to share Web objects among the test team
  • Reduces cost of test maintenance by using reusable test objects
  • Build new test objects in minutes

Surface Performance Bottlenecks and Functional Issues Automatically

  • One inexpensive tool for functional testing, load testing, and production monitoring
  • Instant results analysis and root cause analysis using the integrated Jasper Business Intelligence (BI) Analytics
  • Thousands of results charts
  • Compare previous test runs to current results
Download TestMaker 6 most recent build