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Easy and Fast Record/Playback of Web, Ajax, Flex Applications

TestMaker Object Designer

TestMaker Object Designer is for fast and easy data-driven test authoring for Ajax and Flex Applications. Designer is free open source test (OST) tool published under the GPL license.

Download TestMaker 6 with TestMaker Object Designer

Designer for Ajax, Flex, Flash Record/Playback

TestMaker 6 simplifies test creation and maintenance. TestMaker comes with everything you need to build tests, operate tests, and present the results graphically and with minimal training:

  • Functional Test Record/Playback Tool
    •    The Alternative To Selenium IDE for Selenium test development
  • Record tests in Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera
  • Record and playback functional tests of Flash and Flex (SWF) applications
  • Data-enable tests using simple drag-and-drop features
  • Add assertions and check-points to tests visually
  • If-then, looping, and conditional test execution without scripting
  • Object Repository for sharing Web page objects between team members
  • Instant and context senstivie help and reference documentation
  • Support for Ajax and Javascript asynchronous events without additional test scripting
  • Selenium, Sahi, and Flex test type support in one tool.
  • Outputs to Selenium unit tests, Selenium IDE Selenese table format, Sahi, and Flex test formats.

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TestMaker Object Designer comes with TestMaker 6. Open Designer and click through your Web, Ajax, and Flex application to create a test rapidly and easily.


Download TestMaker 6 with TestMaker Object Designer