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PushToTest Customers Who Use Open Source Testing

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Aerospace: PushToTest Customer

Aerospace Corporation

The Aerospace Corporation is a scientific corporation which supports the United States Air Force and space agencies with engineering and technical capabilities. With TestMaker, Aerospace was able to test functional issues and cross browsers and headless testing of their web applications.
Bell Aliant: PushToTest Customer

Bell Aliant

Bell Aliant is one of Canada's and North America's largest regional telecommunications providers. The QA team uses TestMaker to automate customer facing and internal applications, helping Bell Aliant move from manual to automated testing.
Best Buy: PushToTest Customer

Best Buy

Best Buy is one of the largest retailers of electronic goods in North America. The Best Buy team uses TestMaker and PushToTest Global services to implement SOA principles with large scale applications, as well as test their applications for functional issues and performance bottlenecks.
Best Buy: PushToTest Customer

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is one of the large 4 banks in the USA. The Wells Fargo team tests internal, security critical applications with the functional and performance tests features from TestMaker.
Deloitte: PushToTest Customer


Deloitte is the largest professional services firm in the world. Deloitte uses PushToTest's TestMaker to runs tests in grid and cloud environments, and pinpoints root causes and mitigation analysis of their web applications.
Deutsche Bank: PushToTest Customer

Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank is one of the world's largest global financial services company. The Test team uses TestMaker to reconstruct and automate functional and performance scenarios which can potentially affect its customers.
Pepsico: PushToTest Customer


Pepsico is one of the largest foods and beverage manufacturer and suppliers in the world. PushToTest turnkey testing services identified and solved root causes of performance and security issues in multiple vendor environments.
Emma: PushToTest Customer


Emma is a web based email marketing and communications service, popular globally with small and medium businesses. Emma moved to an automated test environment resulting in a 20X savings in regression testing time as well as savings, while increasing the testing of web services and databases.

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