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Create Robust Selenium Tests With PageObjects

PageObject Brings Object Oriented Benefits To Your Test Scripts

The Page Object Pattern is a strong and efficient way to create, maintain and reuse test scripts for testing Web applications. PageObjects bring object oriented programming to test scripts. In this free, live webinar, on Wed, July 27, at 9AM Pacific Time (GMT-8), Adam Goucher, maintainer of Selenium IDE, will discuss and demonstrate PageObjects with Frank Cohen, Founder at PushToTest.

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Adam's References from the Workshop:

- Testing vs. Checking:
- Abstracting locators in Selenese (Se-IDE):
- Se-IDE plugin tutorial:
- CSS Locators (including a one-page quick reference):
- Page Objects:
   - An article I wrote on Page Objects -
   - Elements and Actions -
   - I have a couple projects that are not able to be advertised yet, but once I get permission I'll send along links
- Using CI server as a Se-Grid replacement: offers many Selenium related resources

Oh, and since you have been pulled into the DevOps reality distortion field recently, could be of interest. Recall that the 'big' breakthrough Agile had was to get dev, test, and product all talking together. DevOps gets that group of people talking to Ops. Of course, successful teams have always done this...

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