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PushToTest - Open Source Test

Open Source Test Community Resources

PushToTest provides a home for the development of Open Source Test (OST) software, methodology, and techniques. Our focus is test automation and monitoring software and services in open source by an open community. PushToTest participates in the TestMaker, Selenium, Sahi, soapUI, HTMLUnit, JUnit, OpenAMF, and Jasper Reports projects.

The community exists to provide organizations with test and monitoring solutions for Web applications, Rich Internet Application (RIA, using Ajax, Flash, Flex,) Service Oriented Architecture (SOA,) and Business Process Management (BPM) services.

The community supports itself by providing technical support to users and on-going improvements to the TestMaker software by software developers in the community.

Frank Cohen is the community cheerleader and encourages participation, organizes community ideas into a product plan, and promotes individuals to be contributors and committers to TestMaker.

PushToTest certifies the open-source TestMaker product for quality and adds additional features. PushToTest packages and sells TestMaker Enterprise as a commercially licensed product to organizations and global enterprises. PushToTest provides expert training, support, consulting to make certain your projects using TestMaker are successful.


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