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PushToTest TestMaker is a distributed test environment. TestMaker runs your tests on a Grid of your test equipment, in a Cloud Computing environment, or both.

TestMaker provides specific commands to support automatic deployment and operation of your tests in a grid of servers and a Cloud Testing environment. For example, identify a cloud testing service like Amazon EC2 in a TestScenario. TestMaker creates the TestNodes in EC2 instances, runs the test, retrieves the results, and takes down the EC2 instances. TestMaker deploys and operates tests in a "lights out" manner for full Cloud Test automation.

TestMaker Grid technology works in your QA lab, in the Cloud, or both. Identify a set of TestNodes running in your QA lab to TestMaker. TestMaker automatically selects the available TestNodes to deploy and operate your tests.

PushToTest provides Test OnDemand services to host your tests.


PushToTest TestMaker is a distributed test environment. TestMaker is a console and runtime to operate functional tests, load and performance tests and business service monitors in a distributed network of TestNodes. Install and run the tests on TestNodes in a Grid of servers in your QA lab, in a Cloud Test Provider, or a combination of both.

TestMaker Cloud Test architecture

Deploy your tests to run in Cloud Test environments from PushToTest OnDemand, including Amazon Web Services (EC2,) GoGrid, and CollabNET. PushToTest OnDemand provides pre-built and tested machine image files. For example, the Amazon EC2 machine image (AMI) delivers a TestNode, PTTMonitor, and fully optimized Java environment.

Learning About Cloud Testing and TestMaker

We recommend the following learning resources.

Features and Benefits

Cloud Computing and TestMaker Grid technology provides huge new benefits to Open Source Test (OST) solutions:

  • Run At User Levels Never Before Possible - Building a test lab used to be prohibitively costly for medium and large scale load tests. Cloud computing delivers bandwidth and computing power to achieve tests in the millions-of-users levels at commodity prices.
  • Run From Multiple Locations Around The World - Cloud Testing environments are a world-wide phenomenon. TestMaker runs tests in multiple Cloud Testing environments. This makes it possible to manage performance from your user's geographic locations.
  • Pay As You Go, Pay Only For What You Need - Cloud Testing eliminates the cost of building and maintaining a test lab for load and performance testing. No longer is there a need to provision expensive and difficult to manage quality test labs. PushToTest Cloud Testing lets you pay as you operate tests.
  • Ideal for automating test operation from a Continuous Integration environment. The CI platform starts a TestScenario test and TestMaker automatically provisions and deploys tests to the available TestNodes in your own Grid or in a Cloud Testing environment.
  • Test In Your Environment, In A Cloud Environment, Or Both - PushToTest delivers ultimate flexibility.
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