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Kevin Surace, CEO

Kevin has been innovating in technology for some 30 years. As founder of Serious Energy, he helped develop and patent a number of disruptive technologies that reduce energy usage in buildings, the worlds largest contributor of CO2. His team brought high tech materials, products, software and services to 70,000 projects including iconic structures such as the Empire State Building and the New York Stock Exchange and to consumers for their homes as well.

Earlier at General Magic Kevin led the team that developed the OnStar Virtual Advisor for General Motors, was CEO of Perfect Commerce (cloud based procurement platform), and led mobile data innovator Air Communications and is credited with the development of the modern "human-like" voice user interface.

A well known speaker, Kevin has delivered his leadership and innovation vision to hundreds of conferences, including the notable TED series, as well as keynote for the Democratic Caucus (House of Representatives). Recognized for his leadership and creative approach to engineering, Kevin has been featured in nearly every major publication including BusinessWeek, Time, Fortune, Forbes etc. and he has been recognized by dozens of organizations for outstanding leadership including being named Entrepreneur of the Year by Inc. Magazine, recognized as one of the top 15 innovators of the decade by CNBC, was named a Tech Pioneer by the World Economic Forum, and was inducted into the Innovation Hall of Fame at RIT.

Frank Cohen, Founder and CTO

Frank Cohen is a recognized software test tools, process, and methodology expert. He is credited with bringing open source testing (OST) to Deloitte, Wells Fargo Bank, Best Buy, PepsiCo, the US Air Force, NTT Verio, and TIBCO. Frank is founder and CTO at PushToTest, the open source test company, and inventor of the popular TestMaker test orchestration and automation tool for functional testing, load and performance testing, and production monitoring. Frank is the author of several books, including FastSOA: The way to use native XML technology to achieve Service Oriented Architecture governance, scalability, and performance and Java Testing and Design: From Unit Testing to Automated Web Tests.

Extended Biography

Frank Cohen is the "go to" guy when enterprises need to test and solve problems in complex interoperating information systems, especially Web Services. Using trained graphics-arts, music, and computer programming skills, Cohen became one of the first software developers to create award-winning video game products for Atari and Commodore home computers in the early 1980's. In 1984, Cohen founded Regent Software to develop and market business application software products on the Atari ST platform. In 1989 he joined Peter Norton Computing to bring the company into the Macintosh market with the Norton Utilities. In 1990, Cohen managed the successful merger with Symantec. At the Symantec Peter Norton Group, he grew Symantec's Macintosh utility products into an $18 Million product line. He joined Stac Electronics as Group Product Manager in 1991 to manage the launch of Stacker, the single product that grew Stac revenues from $3 Million to $14 Million in less than one year. He left Stac to help Portfolio Software and Central Point Software write and execute business plans for their utility software products for Windows, DOS, and Macintosh platforms. As director of product marketing for Insignia Solutions, the leading PC compatibility solution vendor for Macintosh, PC, and UNIX workstations, Cohen launched SoftWindows and grew revenue from $18 Million to $34 Million in preparation for the firm's IPO. From 1995-1996, Cohen led Apple Computer's middleware, networking and connectivity product lines as senior manager. In Summer 1996, Frank Cohen joined the founding executive team of, a Silicon Valley start-up company offering the world's first online one-stop service center to maintain your personal computer, as senior director of products and principal architect. After successfully selling to Symantec, Cohen co-founded Inclusion Technologies a Silicon Valley start-up company building Internet technologies that add interactive personalized communication and workflow functions to Web sites. Inclusion began at Sun Microsystems where Cohen was principal architect of the Sun Community Server. Inclusion went public (OTC: IINC) in 2002. Cohen maintains the open-source TestMaker project and is CTO for PushToTest, the open-source test automation solutions company. More information is available at You can reach Frank at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Cohen is a published author, including FastSOA (Morgan Kaufmann,) Java Testing and Design: From Unit Testing To Automated Web Tests(Prentice Hall,) Java Web Services Unleashed (SAMS), and Java P2P Unleashed (SAMS,) and many articles on IBM developerWorks. He is an active member and past board member of the Software Entrepreneurs Forum, an industry association known as the heart of the Silicon Valley software development community.

Frank Cohen

Frank Cohen portrait

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FastSOA: Solve SOA's Performance Problems, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers

Without the right controls to govern SOA development, the right set of tools to build SOA, and the right support of exciting new protocols and patterns, your SOA efforts can result in software that delivers only 1.5 transactions per second (TPS) on expensive modern servers. This is a disaster enterprises, organizations, or institutions avoid by using Frank Cohen's FastSOA patterns, test methodology, and architecture.

Java Testing and Design: From Unit Tests To Automated Web Tests, Prentice Hall Publishing

This book describes the architectural choices to build Web-enabled applications in Java and how each choice affects scalability and reliability. The book shows how to test and optimize these systems in the reader's own environment. Cohen goes further to describe the need for intelligent test agents in Web-enabled environments, describes a test agent framework with a tutorial on the latest Web test techniques, and presents TestMaker. Cohen presents case studies and immediately useful code of how Elsevier Science, 2Wire, Sun Microsystems and BEA successfully use intelligent test agent technology to build scalable Java applications and assure confidence in their Web-enabled Java projects.

Java Web Services Unleashed, Contributing Author, SAMS Publishers, 2002

Web Services are specifications that were written to be implemented on many different platforms. Java developers will find an introduction to Java-based Web Service toolkits (especially the Java JAX Pack APIs: JAXM, JAXRPC, JAXP.) This is a good introductory text with many practical code-level examples and a unique approach to testing Web Services.

Java P2P Unleashed, Contributing Author, SAMS Publishers, 2002

Most Web Service implementations are designed around a centralized datacenter. Peer-To-Peer (P2P) developers flip that model around: computing power comes from networking together independent systems, not buying big servers. To build and test P2P systems requires a wide knowledge of Internet protocols, network designs and cutting edge techniques. This book presents the issues, techniques in use today and practical code-level examples to build P2P applications.