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Selenium, You Are Doing It Wrong!

Avoiding Brittle, Unmaintainable, Unmanageable Tests

For all the testers in the world dedicated to building brittle, unmaintainable, and unmanageable tests, we have one direct message: You Are Doing It Wrong!

Adam Goucher

Adam Goucher helped organize the Selenium Conference in San Francisco in April 2011. Adam gave a talk "Selenium (You Are Doing It Wrong!)". The talk is a classic! Adam presents testing from a goal to let people test higher quality software builds with greater efficiency. The lessons Adam presents help testers to write modular, easily mataintained test code in a rapid fashion.

Adam Goucher is the Selenium IDE maintainer, consultant and Selenium expert at Element 34. He is a member of the core Selenium team. He helped evangelize the Selenium community and helped make Selenium IDE a better product. Adam helps organizations introduce new testing tools and techniques, setup automation frameworks and frequently speaks on software testing methodologies, Agile Software Development Lifecycle Methodology, and browser automation.

In this live webinar, Adam Goucher and Frank Cohen discuss Selenium adoption in the enterprise: Selenium best practices, Selenium infrastructure, and the evolution of Selenium IDE and RC. Adam demonstrates what teams are doing wrong when it comes to using Selenium for browser automation.

This is a free live Webinar for Development and Test Managers, Technology Leads and Test Experts who have or are contemplating introducing Selenium in their enterprise. We would love to learn about your experiences with web applications testing and browser automation.

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